This article covers the minimum supported setup for a first time setup of a SymplyWORKSPACE.
- Minimum Supported macOS: 10.13 (High Sierra)
- Minimum Supported Windows: 10


For the best possible setup experience we strongly recommend you follow these instructions. Whilst it may be possible to complete setup without all of the equipment listed below, we cannot guarantee that you will not run in to issues accessing the SymplyWORKSPACE volume or the SymplyASSISTANT setup/monitoring page.

Required Additional Equipment

  • Router/Switch with Internet connection
  • Switch dedicated for Private/Metadata LAN

Required Connections

  • Public/Office Ethernet LAN
  • Private/Metadata Ethernet LAN
  • Thunderbolt™️ 3
  • SAS High Speed Link

Before powering on your SymplyWORKSPACE make the following connections:

  • SAS High Speed Link
    • between the ports as shown in figure (below)
    • double-check this cables ends 'click' when connecting
  • Public/Office Ethernet connection
    • between the SymplyWORKSPACE Public port and Router/Switch
  • Private/Metadata Ethernet connection
    • between SymplyWORKSPACE Metadata port and dedicated (and powered on) Metadata Switch
  • Thunderbolt™️ 3 connection
    • between any available SymplyWORKSPACE Thunderbolt™️ 3 port and your computer

With all of these connections made, go ahead and power on your SymplyWORKSPACE and follow the instructions on WORKSPACE Support Central

If you are unable to follow these instructions due to limited access to Required Additional Equipment owing to your setup location, please contact us and open a [support ticket].