SymplyATOM is continuing to undergo testing with macOS Sonoma, there is a pre-release available [SymplyATOM pre-release]

Please check this page for updates.

SymplyATOM is an advanced intuitive and informative Tape management and operations toolset specially designed to provide casual and expert-level users equal access to the essential features users need for daily tape operations without resorting to cumbersome and overblown full applications.


Additionally ATOM contains extensive easy-to-use single button troubleshooting and diagnostic capabilities along with complete contextual help and assistance tools.


SymplyATOM is available for macOS (version 10.x onwards). It is designed to work with the SymplyLTO family of products, and be an out-of-the-box solution not only for reading and writing LTFS tapes, but also for diagnostic control, log gathering and updating firmware of the SymplyLTO products. 


SymplyATOM  can support up to four (4) LTO drives from LTO-6 upwards and is free to download from the [Symply Support] site.

If you have any questions please submit a [support ticket]