1 - Confirm you have everything

  • SymplyPRO LTO Desktop drive
  • 2m (Intel certified) Thunderbolt™️ 3 cable
  • Power cord

2 - Prepare your Mac for installation

Macs equipped with either a T2 Security Chip or are Apple Silicon M1 based Macs ship by default with a Security Policy whilst blocks Third Party Kernel Extensions. Follow the [instructions in this article] to modify the Security Policy in Recovery Mode using the Startup Security Utility to enable your Mac to communicate with your Symply products.

3 - Install Symply ATTO driver

3a - Download installer package

Driver and utility downloads are available on the [Symply Support site]


3b - Install

Double-click the installation package and follow the prompts in the Installer app to complete the installation.

3c - Confirm kernel extension permission

During installation a pop-up will present itself requesting permission to allow the kernel extension to be loaded.

Clicking in the prompt on Open Security Preferences opens System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General tab, where you will see the following prompt. Click on the checkbox next to ATTO Technologies, Inc. to enable the kernel extension to load at the next (and subsequent) boot time.

3d - Restart

Once the ATTO kernel extension has been given permission to load, the system will as to restart. When the Restart button is selected, a message is displayed stating that the system extension cache is being rebuilt and the Mac will restart.


If you have any questions please submit a [support ticket]