1 - Confirm you have everything

1a For SymplyLTO Thunderbolt™ 3 products

  • SymplyLTO Thunderbolt™ product
  • 2m (Intel certified) Thunderbolt™️ 3 cable
  • Power cord

1b For SymplyLTO SAS products

  • SymplyLTO SAS product
  • SAS cable
    • With correct connectors for your host's SAS port and the SymplyLTO SAS product
  • Power cord

2 - Prepare your Mac for installation

Macs equipped with either a T2 Security Chip or are Apple Silicon based Macs ship by default with a Security Policy that blocks Third Party Kernel Extensions. Follow the [instructions in this article] to modify the Security Policy in Recovery Mode using the Startup Security Utility to enable your Mac to communicate with your Symply products.

3 - Install SymplyATOM

We've created a combined installer for our support and maintenance utility - SymplyATOM - the combined installer will install all the necessary software and device drivers to support all of our SymplyLTO products. The installer also sets the preferences for SymplyATOM, there should be no need to modify SymplyATOM's preferences after running this installer.

The [SymplyATOM installation] article includes a video walkthrough and links to how to use SymplyATOM for support and maintenance tasks.

If you have any questions please submit a [support ticket]