Firmware update time will take 2~5 minutes

Updating the firmware on a SymplySPARK is a straightforward process, however a couple of measures need to be observed to avoid any data loss.


Before updating the system and any software, be sure to back up your important data to avoid data loss due to unexpected system errors.


In order to perform the firmware update you should first ensure you have the latest device drivers installed on your computer, check our [downloads page] for the latest versions.

Unmount / Offline SymplySPARK

The SymplySPARK must be unmounted from your computer before performing the firmware update.


In Finder, select Computer from the Go Menu Bar item

Right-click on the SPARK icon and choose Eject SPARK


In Windows Explorer, go to My Computer and confirm your SPARK is connected

Right-click on the Windows Start icon and choose Disk Management

In Disk Management, right-click the SPARK disk and select OfflineConfirm in Windows Explorer that the SPARK is no longer mounted

Perform Firmware Update

To avoid damage during the firmware upgrade ensure:
- NO data is written to the SPARK
- do NOT interrupt the power supply to the SPARK

Firmware update time will take 2~5 minutes

The firmware update is done using Symply RAID Manager.

  1. Download the latest firmware version [download firmware]
  2. Save a copy of the .img file of the firmware update to the root of your home folder
  3. Open Symply RAID Manager
    Click on the Add Controller button
  4. Your SymplySPARK will be listed in the next dialog box, select it from the list and click Add
    (leave the Password field as it is).
  5. From the Menu Bar choose Controller > Update > Update System Code
  6. Select the .img from the dialog box and click Open
  7. System RAID Manager will display the message System code updating
  8. When the update is complete, System RAID Manager will display a message telling you to reboot the SymplySPARK. Make sure you restart (power off / on) the SPARK to make new firmware available
If you have any questions please submit a [support ticket]