Format Tape

The Format Tape button is used to either format a blank tape using the LTFS file system, or reformatting an existing LTFS formatted tape. Note that LTFS tape naming convention requires you to enter a six (6) character alphanumeric sequence that will appear as the LTFS volume name. At the end of the format process you have the option either to:

  1. mount the tape
  2. eject the formatted tape

A tape format can fail if:                                 

  • There is no tape in the tape drive 
  • The tape is not formatted with the LTFS format 
  • The tape in the drive is not of a compatible generation ex. LTO-6 tape in LTO-9 drive

If the tape in the drive is incompatible, for example an unsupported generation for the drive, then the Single Character Display (SCD) on the front of the drive will display “J”.

If the tape in the drive is write protected it will display a “P”.


To unlock a write-protected tape, unload the tape and disable the write protection by moving the red switch so the lock graphic is no longer visible on the tape.

If you have any questions please submit a [support ticket]