Welcome to the SymplyATOM software


This release some known issues and limitations.

SymplyATOM software is working with LTFS formatted media and troubleshooting diagnostic testing.

It is necessary to install the following supporting software and drivers before you are able to begin testing SymplyATOM.

The pre-release of SymplyATOM is not a signed application and therefore will require the macOS gatekeeper to be bypassed.  While this is inconvenient, it does not indicate the App is not trustworthy.  It is common that pre-release Applications are not signed.

About the Installer

We've created a combined installer for SymplyATOM, this will install all the necessary software and device drivers to support all of our SymplyLTO products. The installer also sets the preferences for SymplyATOM, there should be no need to modify SymplyATOM's preferences after running this installer.

Installing SymplyATOM


Click the disk to download the combined installer 

We cover the installation process in this video.

IMPORTANT:  Before using the pre-release version of SymplyATOM, please read our [Symply Pre-release Software Agreement].

Using SymplyATOM

SymplyATOM performs a scan for any attached LTO drives when fist launched. If you connect a drive after launching SymplyATOM you can re-scan for attached drives by clicking the SCAN FOR DRIVES button.

If you have a new, blank tape inserted in your drive you can choose to format it for use as a LTFS tape by clicking FORMAT TAPE, you'll be asked for a 6 character, alphanumeric label for your tape (we recommend using the barcode of the tape for ease of locating the tape at a later date) and click OK.

To mount a tape for read/write operations simply click on the MOUNT TAPE button (having inserted a LTFS formatted tape of a generation supported by the drive).

For more detail on using SymplyATOM, please refer to the Help in the App or refer to our [support pages].

Known Issues / Limitations

  1. Multiple drive operations are not yet supported.  The software only support single tape drive operations, some multiple drive operations may cause the application to fail or display incorrect information.
  2. When re-formatting a tape for LTFS, the confirmation dialog remains in place for the duration of the format process. The application may appear unresponsive, but is still working; as noted by the progress wheel in the main application window
  3. Clicking UNMOUNT may cause the application to become temporarily unresponsive whilst it waits for feedback from the drive which may be spooling the tape to the correct position ready to be ejected
  4. After performing a RUN TEST or HOST VALIDATION it is recommended that SymplyATOM is quit and restarted before performing any further operations


If you have any questions please submit a [support ticket]