It is important to keep the firmware of your LTO drive up-to-date as changes are made to keep it working as trouble-free as possible. Use SymplyATOM or IBM's ITDT to check your SymplyLTO drives current firmware.

The table below lists the current firmware releases for all current LTO generations of Symply products. Note these are only for use with LTO drives sold through Symply authorised channels.

If you are using macOS you can use [SymplyATOM] to upload the new firmware, if you are using Windows you can use [IBM's ITDT] application, both applications are available to download from this support portal.

Pay careful attention to which firmware you download and install, ONLY install the LTO firmware for drive you have.

LTO Generation & Type
LTO-6 - Half Height 
LTO-7 - Half Height 
LTO-8 - Half Height
LTO-9 - Half Height
LTO-9 - Full Height


If you have any questions please submit a [support ticket]