If there is a fault with one of the disks in the SPARK, the audible beeper will sound and there will be a RED light on the front of the SPARK indicating which drive of the 8 disks has failed. Out of the factory the SPARK is configured at RAID 5, so if there is a single HDD failed the RAID will still be intact. The beeper can be disbaled either by depressing the mute beeper button on the back of the SPARK, or by the Symply RAID Manager > Preference > Beeper (checkbox).

If you have a spare SPARK HDD module then you can replace the failed module easily. Just unscrew the SPARK caddie by turning the thumb screws on the caddie counterclockwise and pull out the failed HDD module. Carefully insert the replacement HDD module into the SPARK and secure by turning the thumbscrew clockwise.

The status LED will go from RED to GREEN once the drive has been checked by the SPARK. The RAID rebuild will happen automatically, and the SPARK will sound the beeper at regular intervals to denote that the RAID rebuild is in progress. You can mute the beeper if you wish. The progress of the RAID rebuild can be monitored via the Symply RAID Manager.

Please submit a [support ticket] to request a replacement HDD module.


If you have any questions please submit a [support ticket]