If there is a power issue with the SPARK, please check first that the power cable, and/or power strip is OK. Try swapping the power cable for a new one. If you have checked the cabling and you have a spare PSU module from the Symply Assist Self-Maintenance (SAM) Kit, then the PSU can be easily swapped.

You will need a cross-head screwdriver size PH2.  Make sure you have plenty of space around the SPARK and the work area is not obstructed.

  1. Disconnect the power cable from the power inlet on the SPARK and wait 60 seconds before continuing 
  2. Remove the 4 screws that secure the backplate of the power supply secured to the chassis, keep hold of these screws
  3. Carefully remove the PSU module. There will be two (2) sets of cables running from the PSU module to the backplane of the SPARK. Disconnect both these cables, noting the way they are connected
  4. Connect the cables from the new PSU module to the backplane of the SPARK, making sure that they are securely seated
  5. Use the 4 screws, removed earlier, to secure the PSU module backplate onto the SPARKSpark chassis

Congratulations! You have swapped the PSU module, you can reconnect the power cable and power on.


Please submit a [support ticket] to request a replacement PSU module.


If you have any questions please submit a [support ticket]