If you have followed the installation procedure. Make sure the SymplySPARK heartbeat light is flashing @ 1Hz (once per second), this will indicate that the controller is functioning as it should.


Check that the Thunderbolt cable is securely connected, and that it is a Thunderbolt certified cable it will have the lighting logo on it. Likewise, if you are using a Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3 converter it should be the Apple adapter, part number MMEL2ZM/A.


Check the Thunderbolt 3 port you are using is a Thunderbolt 3 port and not a USB-C port. Note if you are trying to connect via a hub/dock, it must be a Thunderbolt 3 hub/dock connected to the computer’s Thunderbolt 3 port (check the port for a lightning logo) and not just USB-C logo.

Thunderbolt logoUSB logo


If the driver is installed and the cable is connected correctly then the SymplySPARK will be seen in the Thunderbolt Control Center and it should appear in Device Manager > Storage Controllers > ACS-6xxxx. If the SPARK shows in Thunderbolt Control Center but doesn't show up as ACS-6xxxx in Device Manager then the device driver has failed to load, follow this process:

  • check Thunderbolt Control Center that SPARK is connected
  • check Device Manager > Storage Controller for "ACS-6xxxx"
    • if no "ACS-6xxxx"
      • check System Tray that "Symply RAID Manager Server" is set for "Run at Windows Startup"
      • in System Tray right-click "Symply RAID Manager Server" and select > Exit
      • relaunch "Symply RAID Manager Server" (C:\Program Files\Symply\Symply RAID Manager\Server\WinGuiSrv.exe)
      • re-check Device Manager > Storage Controller for "ACS-6xxxx"
      • if no "ACS-6xxxx"
        • disconnect the Thunderbolt cable completely at both ends of the cable for minimum 30 seconds
        • reconnect the Thunderbolt cable to both the PC and SPARK
        • check Device Manager > Storage Controller for "ACS-6xxxx"
        • if ACS-6xxxx still does not show in Device Manager after 1 minute, please submit a [support ticket]
    • once ACS-6xxxx appears in Device Manager check Explorer > This PC for the SPARK to mount, it may take a minute or two to mount. If it fails to mount, check the status of the disk in Disk Management.


Check that the driver is installed correctly, and try re-installing the drivers. You should first use the “Add or remove programs” application in Windows to uninstall the Symply RAID Manager and reboot the Windows machine, ahead of reinstalling the driver package. 


If you have any questions please submit a [support ticket]