Entering Maintenance mode

The drive must be in maintenance mode to run drive diagnostic tests or maintenance functions. To place the unit in maintenance mode:

  1. Make sure that no cartridge is in the drive.
  2. Press Unload three times within 2 seconds. 0 displays in the Single-character Display (SCD), the Ready light is flashing, and the Fault light turns On.

NOTE: If a cartridge is in the tape drive, it ejects the first time that you press Unload and the drive is placed in Maintenance Mode. To continue placing the drive in Maintenance Mode, complete the preceding step. While in Maintenance Mode, the drive does not accept a cartridge unless the drive requests it. The SCD displays a flashing 'C' to indicate a cartridge must be inserted.

Maintenance functions cannot be completed concurrently with read or write operations. While in Maintenance Mode, the drive does not receive host interface commands from the server.

Exiting Maintenance mode

The drive must be in Function Code 0 to exit Maintenance mode.

To exit Maintenance Mode:

  1. Press and hold Unload for 3 or more seconds to take the drive out of maintenance mode. If no error is detected, '0' temporarily displays in the SCD, then goes blank. The drive then exits maintenance mode and the Ready light turns On.
  2. If an error is detected, the SCD shows an error code but still exits maintenance mode.

To determine the error, [locate the code].

To clear the error, turn off the power, then on again.


NOTE: The drive also exits Maintenance Mode automatically after it completes a maintenance function or after 10 minutes if no action occurred.


If you have any questions please submit a [support ticket]