How to perform a Run Drive Diagnostic

In order to carry out a Run Drive Diagnostic test, the SymplyLTO tape drive needs to be in Maintenance Mode, please only enter Maintenance Mode or carry out the Run Drive Diagnostic test if you are instructed to do so by a member of the Symply Support Team.

This test determines whether the LTO mechanism can properly load and unload cartridges, and read and write data correctly.

CAUTION:  The Run Drive Diagnostic test is destructive to any data on the data cartridge, please only use a scratch (blank) data cartridge only for carrying out this test.

NOTE:  If you insert an invalid tape cartridge (or WORM media) an error code "7" will appear on the SCD.  If you insert a write-protected cartridge, the error code "P" appears in the SCD.  In either case, the tape drive unloads the cartridge and exits Maintenance Mode after the cartridge is removed.

The approximate run time for the Run Drive Diagnostic test is 5 minutes, please record the time it takes to run the test on the drive.  If the test completes successfully, but the time is significantly longer than the approximate test run time, then please submit a support ticket.

Steps to execute Run Drive Diagnostic (Function 1):

  • Put the SymplyLTO drive into [Maintenance Mode]
  • Press the Unloaded (eject) button once per second until the number "1" appears in the Single Character Display (SCD), if you cycle past the code, continue pressing the Unload button once per second until the desired code reappears.
  • Press and hold the Unload button for three (3) seconds, to selection number "1" (Function 1).  A flashing "C" will appear on the SCD
  • Insert a scratch (blank) data cartridge.  The SCD will change to a flashing "1" and the test will begin.  During the test the drive will unload and unload the data cartridge as part of the test.  Do not remove the data cartridge during the test.
    • If there is no error detected during the test ends, the SCD will show "0" temporarily, and the SymplyLTO will automatically exit Maintenance Mode.
    • If an error is detected during the test, the Fault light flashes and the drive will show an error on the SCD.  You can check with error on the [LTO troubleshooting] page.  To clear the error either turn the power on and off, or press and hold the Unload button for 10 seconds (making sure there is no data cartridge in the tape drive).

If you have any questions please submit a [support ticket]