Run Test

The Run Test button is used in diagnostic testing of the SymplyLTO and performs a comprehensive test of the LTO drive system. The test may take 15 minutes or longer to complete, and can not be interrupted once started. Interrupting the process may damage your SymplyLTO or the tape inserted.


IMPORTANT: This is a destructive test that will delete all data on the tape, It should only be performed on a new or scratch data tape.


The results of the test will be displayed on the right hand results window of Symply ATOM’s application window. Possible test results are:

  • Passed
  • Failed
  • Aborted


This information and associated log should be forwarded to a Symply Support Technician for analysis when requested.

Also displayed will be any associated Error Codes, with the Failed or Aborted test. These error codes will be the same as displayed on the front of the tape drive on the Single Character Display (SCD).

If you have any questions please submit a [support ticket]