Occasionally firmware updates are made for products, these are often aimed at improving reliability and fixing any issues uncovered and as such are important. Firmware updates should never be interrupted, so before beginning any firmware upgrade process ensure you have enough time. Take time to read through the steps before attempting to follow them so you're certain of what you'll need and when. Download any and all tools and a copy of the firmware you intend to apply before starting.


This process upgrades the firmware of the internal ATTO SAS board of your SymplyLTO product.

1. Download the firmware upgrade

This can be found on our [Symply Thunderbolt LTO driver - downloads] page under the SAS Firmware heading.

2. Open ATTO ConfigTool

Open the ATTO ConfigTool located in /Applications/ATTO ConfigTool/ATTO ConfigTool.app

3. Connect to 'localhost'

In the left-hand pane of ATTO ConfigTool under the heading Device Listing, double-click 'localhost' and enter the credentials of a user account with admin privileges

4. Select device to upgrade

Select the device to upgrade from the list of devices under 'localhost'. SymplyLTO products use either ExpressSAS H1288 or ExpressSAS H608

5. Prepare to upload the firmware file

Select the tab labelled Flash, then click the Browse button and select in the file picker the firmware file (downloaded in step 1)

6. Perform firmware upgrade

Select the Update button to begin the firmware upgrade process, this will take a few minutes to complete

Under no circumstances disconnect the power or interrupt the update process

7. Reboot your computer

Upon completion of the firmware upgrade process you will be instructed to restart your computer for the change to be applied


If you have any questions please submit a [support ticket]