The SymplyRAID Manager is a tool that installs with our Thunderbolt driver that allows a deeper look at the health and configuration of the SymplySPARK system. It is not required for day-to-day use of the system, but can be used to reconfigure the system, update firmware, manage a disk failure or mute the alarm notification for example.  As standard all SymplySPARK RAIDs are configured for RAID 5 protection and formatted with an APFS file system out-of-the-box.


This article assumes the SymplySPARK driver has been correctly installed and is loaded, in which case SymplySPARK volume will mount on the macOS automatically when macOS is started, or the SymplySPARK is hot plugged to the Thunderbolt bus. If this is not the case please read our article on [troubleshooting] or for the macOS driver installation process click [here]


Once launched, click the Add Controller button in the SymplyRAID Manager, the resulting dialog will display a list of available SPARK units that are connected to the host computer and powered on. 

This can take up to 60 seconds for the application to complete the scan of the Thunderbolt bus. Especially if the unit has been hot-plugged, so please be patient if it is not immediately available, you may need to close the SymplyRAID Manager and re-open it after a period of time.

The SPARK systems are identified by serial number, the serial number of the SPARK is located on the top right hand corner of the rear of the SPARK systems. Select the serial number you wish to add and click OK.

If after a 60 second wait and re-opening the SymplyRAID Manager and clicking Add Controller button does not show the serial number of the controller then try the following.

  1. Reboot the Mac with the SymplySPARK attached. Once the Mac has rebooted, wait 60 seconds and open the SymplyRAID Manager and try the Add Controller button again.
  2. If the Mac restart is unsuccessful, then the SymplySPARK may need a restart. Make sure to stop all operations to the SymplySPARK volume and eject it from the Mac before powering off the SymplySPARK. 
    1. Power-off the SymplySPARK by pressing and holding the power button on the rear, wait a few seconds before powering back on with a short press of the power button.
    2. Once the SymplySPARK has powered restarted, wait 60 seconds and then open SymplyRAID Manager and try the Add Controller button.

If you have any questions please submit a [support ticket]